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Fraiser Revival Coming To Paramount+

Honestly, I’m not in the mood for another streaming service.  BUT…..Paramount+ is becoming VERY unresistable.

Paramount+ will launch on March 4th.  It’ll cost $5 a month, or $10 for the premium version with no commercials.

By the way, you may already be subscribed.  Paramount+ is currently “CBS All-Access.”  They’re just re-branding it next week, and beefing it up.

Arguably the biggest thing they announced for Paramount+ is the long-awaited revival of “Frasier”.  It will star Kelsey Grammer . . . but there’s no word on the other cast members yet.

That isn’t the only revival you can expect, a lot of stuff from 20-ish years ago is coming back too.  Here’s the rundown . . .

There will be a new “Rugrats” CG-animated series . . . a new show set in the universe of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” . . .  an animated series called “Star Trek: Prodigy” . . . an “iCarly” reboot . . . and live-action versions of “Dora the Explorer” and “The Fairly OddParents”.

There’s adult stuff too.  Revivals of MTV’s “Behind the Music”“Yo! MTV Raps”, and “Unplugged” . . . plus a reunion of “The Real World’s” New York cast.

There’s also “6666”, which is a “Yellowstone” spinoff . . . a “Criminal Minds” reboot . . . a “Halo” show based on the Xbox game franchise . . . shows adapted from the movies “The Italian Job”“Love Story”“Fatal Attraction”, “Parallax View”, and “Flashdance” . . .

New seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery”“Star Trek: Lower Decks”, and “Younger” . . . the return of “Inside Amy Schumer” . . . spinoffs of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and “Reno: 911!” . . .

Plus movies based on “Workaholics” and “Beavis & Butt-head”.

Of course, a lot of this won’t be there on Day One . . . but Paramount+ will launch with “a library of 30,000-plus TV episodes and more than 2,500 movies,” and in the first year they will premiere 36 original shows.