Gary Busey In A Car Crash And His Craziness Does NOT Disappoint!

Gary Busey was chased by a woman who accused him of rear-ending her car in Malibu, and she has video evidence.

The woman tells TMZ that Busey crashed into her car while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, and she said Busey ran away instead of stopping.

She chased him on PCH, and that’s where the video starts. She yells at him for rear-ending her, but Busey ignores her and continues driving. The woman follows Busey to a parking lot outside a restaurant. She’s incredulous and tells him about the law requiring him to stay and exchange information.

Busey’s response was, “I’m private.” He shared that his insurance carrier is Progressive. That’s all. Busey then is seen driving away while the woman screams. Law enforcement tells TMZ that the woman filed a hit-and-run report, and detectives will investigate.

Have you ever been involved in a hit-and-run? Have you ever left the scene of an accident? Share your story.