Georgia Teacher in Custody After Firing Gun at Dalton High School

Wednesday, 53-year-old social studies teacher Jesse Randal Davidson was taken into custody after firing at least one shot in a Georgia high school classroom.

The Dalton Police Department later confirmed the teacher’s identity on Twitter and added that he “served as a play by play voice of the Dalton Football team.”

In another Tweet, the Dalton Police announced the charges against Davidson.

The department wrote on Twitter early Wednesday that a person, believed to be a teacher was barricaded inside a classroom allegedly holding student’s hostage.

Dalton High School was then placed on lockdown, and the school and area surrounding it were evacuated while the teacher was barricaded inside the classroom.

Davidson reportedly was alone inside the classroom.

Therefore, no students were held, hostage.

Police initially reported no injuries, but later it was released that one student had sustained ankle injury while evacuating the high school.

In a news conference, Dalton High School Principal Steve Bartoo said he was notified of the situation around 11:40 a.m, adding that after he arrived at the building the school resource officer, was called, the principal said, students were moved from a nearby classroom.

Bartoo attempted to go inside the classroom where Davidson was held up but says the social studies teacher allegedly slammed the door in his face and told him to “go away.”

Only minutes before officers had arrived and after the school was immediately placed under threat lockdown mode, the principal claims to have heard a gunshot.

He said that students were then moved to the hallway and eventually evacuated moments later when police arrived.

At a conference, Dalton Police Department Assistant Police Chief Cliff Cason told the public that authorities are currently aware of one shot going off and that it was fired through the classroom window and went outside the building.

The Georgia high school canceled Thursday classes and will resume school on Friday and Davidson currently being held at Whitfield County Jail in Georgia.

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