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Get In My Mouth! Cap’n Crunch Pancake Mix Is Coming!!

Breakfast is saved because now you can have your pancakes and cereal and eat it too, thanks to Cap’n Crunch’s new Berrytastic Pancake Mix.

The buttermilk pancakes you love from Aunt Jemima are now infused with colorful crunch berry bits.

The best part is that you only have to add water to make the cakey goodness. The worst part is that Cap’n Crunch Berrytastic Pancake Mix isn’t available on grocery store shelves yet.

A trademark was filed by the Quaker Oats Company but until it makes it to your grocer, you’ll have to curb your craving with Blueberry Pancake Crunch cereal.

How does the Cap’n Crunch Berrytastic Pancake Mix sound? What is your favorite thing to mix in with your pancakes?