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Get PAID To Play Video Games!

Not only is it Summer time but it is Summer time in the midst of a pandemic and keeping everyone occupied is a full time job.

So maybe this Summer lighten up on the gamers in your home and let them play and possibly make money!

The average person spends a minimum of 7 hours per week playing video games.

There are many ways the gamer in your life can make money from video games. Here are a few examples.

There is an app called Mistplay that will pay you to play games. Video games need Quality Assurance Testers. Video game coaching is another way to make money.

Games Testers. They differ from Quality Assurance Testers because Game Testers are literally trying to “break” the game or find ways to mess it up.

There are many more ways like start a YouTube channel about gaming, stream on Twitch when you are playing, provide tutorials, etc.

Do you have a gamer in your household?