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Get weirded out by bearded Taylor Swift talking in her normal voice in new “The Man” behind-the-scenes

Courtesy TAS Rights Mangement

Courtesy TAS Rights MangementIf you still don’t believe that that’s Taylor Swift playing the man in her new video for “The Man,” just check out her latest behind-the-scenes featurette, which focuses on how she conceptualized and directed the clip.

After explaining that she decided to sit in the director’s chair because all the female directors she wanted to use were busy, we see footage of Taylor directing — while in full makeup and costume as a man. The sight and sound of a dark-haired, bearded guy speaking in Taylor Swift’s voice is completely weird, especially when she’s describing how she wants the bikini girls in the yacht scene to behave. 

“Everyone’s like, cute, wiggling…you’re beautiful, you’re sensual, but you’re also friendly,” she says, and then starts moving and laughing like a flirtatious woman…all the while dressed as a bearded man.

“I wanted to show a heightened version of how the world reacts to someone who’s male, hot, rich, young, cocky,” Taylor explains while dressed as herself.  “I wanted to show how like there’s immediate approval and benefit of the doubt given, and I wanted to show it in a really ridiculous, fantasized way.”

“I had the best time,” Taylor says of the three-day shoot.

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