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Gotta Admit…Gonna Add This To My “Funeral Wish List” – High Speed Chase With Me In The Hearse.

This is not the last ride this poor woman wanted to take; the L.A. County Sheriffs office arrested a driver Thursday who stole a hearse, loaded with a dead woman inside. The suspect crashed the hearse during a police chase on the 110 Freeway where cops found the casket, and woman, still in the vehicle.

The suspect allegedly stole the black Lincoln Navigator hearse, along with the silent passenger, Wednesday night from a Pasadena church.  Before the carjacker was caught, the Sheriff’s office pleaded with the suspect online demanding “Out of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one and bring back the deceased person and casket inside the Navigator.”

Should the suspect face kidnapping charges along with theft since there was a person inside the hearse?

The hearse did crash….on the highway…with the lady still inside.