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Governor Ron DeSantis Calls Florida ‘God’s Waiting Room’ For Retirees

Am I going to hell for laughing at this…….

Maybe Florida’s governor shouldn’t write his own jokes.  During a Coronavirus briefing Sunday, Governor Ron DeSantis’ said that Florida is “Ground Zero for the nursing home – we’re God’s waiting room”, sparking outrage from Florida’s many elderly constituents.

Then DeSantis said he realized that “folks 65 and up” were at risk for death from COVID-19 after watching early statistics from “South Korea” and that the “hysteria” during the outbreak’s early weeks never materialized in Florida.  Florida has had over 31,500 cases and 1,070 deaths so far.

Florida’s Democratic party, as well as many vocal seniors, have condemned DeSantis’ for his comments with one Twitter user saying “The Florida state house has to be Satan’s waiting room for heartless governors.”

Does Governor Ron DeSantis have a proper grasp on how Coronavirus is affecting his state?  Do you think his comments will keep him from re-election?