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Greatest Excuse Ever For Being Late For Work

A southern Tasmanian woman says she has found the best excuse ever to not go to work after she woke up with a 1300-pound seal in her front yard.   The tagged southern elephant seal, affectionately known as Neil to locals, has garnered quite the internet following over the past few years.   He is known for popping up at beaches around Hobart, sunning himself on roads and playing with the traffic cones that were put in place to protect him.   But for all his antics, southern beaches resident Amber Harris never expected to see him in her yard.  “Amber says he moved around. He was on her front deck, and he put his big head — up on my hammock and then he went and plopped down near her car, blocking her in.   Amber says when she saw the seal in her yard, she called her boss to let them know she was going to be late.   Amber says a wildlife expert had told her there was little hope of tempting Neil away from her car with food.   “He probably won’t eat anything, because, when he comes up onto land, he’ll be up here for about three to four weeks and he usually uses that for hibernation,” she said.   However, a few hours of hanging out in her yard seemed like enough for Neil, as he was later spotted moving his way back to the beach.