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Grey Poupon Ice Cream? Hmmmmm….

Thought Mac and Cheese ice cream was weird? I was actually ok with it!  Welllllll, How about mustard ice cream? This is where I draw the line! Ick!

Ice cream maker Van Leeuwen has teamed up with Grey Poupon for a new mustard-flavored ice cream! At least it’s fancy!

The limited-edition treat is described by Van Leeuwen as “an unexpected yet delightful blend of sweet ice cream, honey-dijon swirl, and salted pretzels.”

Other flavors being launched from Van Leeuwen are Campfire S’mores, Summer Peach Crisp, Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam, and Espresso Fior di Latte Chip.

You can find these special edition ice cream flavors at select locations of Walmart.  I knew it!  Walmart always has the fun weird food!