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Hank The Tank Strikes Again

Hank The Tank has struck again. Paintballs, bean bags, sirens and tasers cannot keep the “exceptionally large bear” from seeking leftover pizza and other food. Officials say he has broken into at least 28 homes since July.    Since the summer, Hank has made a 500-pound nuisance of himself in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., breaking into more than two dozen homes to rummage for food and leaving a trail of damage behind.    So far, nobody has been able to deter Hank. California Fish And Wildlife officials and local police have tried to scare the bear away, but he’s too drawn to humans and their food to stay away for long.  Residents have called the police about Hank more than 100 times since July as he continues to rampage through Tahoe Keys, a gated community about 190 miles northeast of San Francisco.  Now the authorities are trying to trap Hank and possibly euthanize him.