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Happy National Chili Day

Today is National Chili Day and National Tortilla Chip Day.  So this is fitting:  Someone asked people to rank the best topping to put on chili, and tortilla chips ranked high on the list . . .The top five are cheese . . . crackers . . . cornbread . . . sour cream . . . and tortilla chips.  Onions, hot sauce, and avocado also made the top 10!   95% of people say they like or love chili . . . 4% don’t like it . . . and 1% dislike it enough to use the word “hate.” The poll also looked at the most popular ways to eat chili, and “in a bowl” got the most votes, obviously.  But it’s not the only way we eat it.  12% prefer it “on a hot dog” . . . 9% said “in a bag of Fritos,” also called a “Frito pie” . . . and 8% said chili fries is their favorite way to eat it.