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Happy National French Fry Day!

McDonald’s is giving out FREE FRIES today for National French Fry Day.  And you don’t have to buy anything else to get them.  You do have to use their app and sign up for their loyalty program though.

If you order through their app, you can get a free LARGE order of fries, no purchase necessary.  Here are a few more deals to check out . . .

1.  Wendy’s has free fries with any purchase through their app.

2.  Burger King rewards members can get free Chicken Fries if they spend $3.

3.  Heinz and DoorDash teamed up for a deal.  On any order with fries that’s $15 or more, you can get $5.70 off today.  It’s a nod to their “57 Varieties.”

4.  White Castle is giving away a free small fry with any purchase.  (They said they’re posting a coupon on social media today.)

5.  And Checkers and Rally’s have a weird promo where you have to sign a petition to make “Fry Day” always fall on an actual Friday.  It’s on a Wednesday this year, and they think that’s dumb.  You can get a free medium fry if you sign it.

(You can find even more National French Fry Day deals here and here.)


1.  French fries are our favorite deep-fried food . . . our favorite thing to eat with burgers . . . and the most popular “American food.”  They ranked first ahead of burgers, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and fried chicken.

2.  A recent survey found McDonald’s still has the best fast-food fries.  The rest of the top five are Chick-fil-A, Five Guys, Wendy’s, and Arby’s.

3.  Regular fries are our favorite type, buy curly fries are a close second.  Steak-cut fries are next, then crinkle-cut, waffle fries, and wedges.

4.  24% of us have called them “Freedom fries” before, but mostly as a joke.  Only 9% have actually used it as a real term.

5.  Our favorite things to dip fries in are ketchup, ranch, cheese sauce, barbecue sauce, and mayo.

6.  14% of people say knowing that it’s National French Fry Day makes them more likely to eat some fries.  5% say less likely.

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