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Hate To Fly? Here’s Some Advice For You

Are you afraid to fly (like Jennifer) or do you hate to fly?  Here’s some words of advice that could help you. “Reader’s Digest” talked to a bunch of pilots and had them list things about flying that most of us don’t know.  And this suggestion stood out.  If turbulence makes you nervous, fly earlier in the day.  Mornings are best. A pilot from L.A. said that when the ground warms up, it makes the air bumpier.  So there tends to be more turbulence later in the day.  Thunderstorms are also much more likely to happen in the afternoon.  So things should be less bumpy in the morning before all that warm air starts to rise.   Another pilot also mentioned that turbulence isn’t actually dangerous.  They avoid it because it’s annoying, not for safety reasons.   All it does is jostle you around a little bit.  What they really try to avoid are updrafts, which can throw you in the air if you’re not buckled in.   One pilot compared it to hitting a speed bump at 500 miles an hour.