Have A Men Who Needs Help In The Halloween Costume Department?!

Halloween is right around the corner and although women are known for wearing a sexy costume, men you can stand to step up your sexy this year and here are some last-minute costume ideas that can help you win any costume contest and possibly a date for Thanksgiving.

Try wearing an all-white suit and splatter fake blood on it, the look says “I’m terrifyingly sexy.” Men can wear wings too, show off your hot Summer body in white wings, gold accessories and white cloth to cover your assets.

One of the hottest movies coming out is Joker, dress up as this super villain, simply paint your face, spray on some hair color and put on a suit and viola!

Everyone loves a man in uniform, dress as a sexy military man in camo, sans a shirt if you wanna go the extra mile. Dressing as a Cowboy, Aquaman, Baywatch lifeguard, or your favorite celebrity are all great choices, but whatever you choose, be sure to make it hot this Halloween.

Hey fellas, what are your costume plans this year?

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