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Have You Encountered Long Drive Thru Lines Like These?

If you’ve been through a drive-thru lately you know that wait to get your food is a long one. Fast-food chains have been implementing drive-thru service only or curbside pickup in the wake of the Coronavirus and the long fast-food drive-thru lines are now the norm for some of the most popular restaurants.

McDonald’s, who is known for a speedy drive-thru experience but a photo of one restaurant shows cars wrapped throughout the parking lot, extending out to the street.

There is, however, one fast-food restaurant that may be seeing longer lines than McDonald’s, and that’s Starbucks. A sky photo of a Starbucks restaurant showed cars extending all the way back to an intersection, Starbucks hopes to reopen stores in June.

Other fast-food eateries like In-and-Out are offering patio-delivery to customers, of course, they also encourage social distancing on their patios. Delivery services such as UberEats allows you to skip the drive-thru and are even waiving their delivery fees.

Have you noticed longer lines at your local drive-thru restaurant?  I haven’t at all.  Anywhere I have gone looked lighter than normal.

Have you continued eating out or have you opted to eat at home?