News | Tracy St. George

Hmmmmm, Pickle Gin?

Pickle fans rejoice, there’s a new gin for you!

Citadelle Gin Vive le Cornichon is made at the new Citadelle distillery and adds French cornichons to the mix of flavoring botanicals. (Cornichon pickles are the salty-sour tiny green ones. (I 💗 those.)

It’s part of the “Les Excentriques” series, which is meant to bring unusual and unique flavors into the gin category.

Citadelle Vive le Cornichon is bottled at 87.6 proof and feature vinegary and briny flavors with a touch of mustard and pearl onions on the finish.

The limited-edition spirit is $29.99 and available while supplies last.

Does pickle gin sound good to you? What else would be a good flavor idea for booze?