Hold the popcorn!?: Netflix add/drop season returns

Hey Netflix fans, it’s that time of year again, and some of you will love this, while others….mmm, maybe not so much. The online entertainment provider is about to again take us through its frequent ritual of changing up its library of films and shows, this time in March.

So, what’s coming and what’s going, you ask? Well, the list is always long, but here are some of the highlights:
Hitting the big screen: Ghostbusters, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, a Ricky Gervais comedy special, and for the kids…Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Season 1.

Fading away: Jaws, Disney’s The Santa Claus, and Rosewood: Season 1

Netflix’s streaming list just went through another round of debuts and farewells in February, adding American Pie, Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers, and several Netflix-original series, while deleting movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the sitcom Family Guy: Season 1-8.

But fear not! Even if your favorite show or movie is going away or is not set to join the roster this time around, the company refreshes its list up to several times a year in response to customer requests and changing viewership levels.

Check out the full list of latest arrivals and departures at netflix.com



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