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Home Injures Were Quite Interesting Last Year!

2020 was crazy, no one needs to tell you that.  Here’s what injured us reported by hospitals to the Consumer Product Safety Commission last year. You might be surprised what the real dangers around your home really are. Here are the top culprits based on gender from the last year of available data:

Guys reported causes of injuries by rank:

1. Stairs, Ramps, Floors (1,235,642)
2. Beds, Mattresses, Pillows (406,500)
3. Basketball, (329,876)
4. Bicycles (309,620)
5. Chairs, Sofas/Sofabeds (283,418)

Ladies injuries:

1. Stairs, Ramps, Floors ( 1,910,071)
2. Beds, Mattresses, Pillows ( 517,792)
3. Chairs, Sofas/Sofabeds (358,254)
4. Bathtubs/Shower (332,556)
5. Clothing (244,949)

Clothing ladies…..who got injured by a bra strap?  A pair of yoga pants?  It'[s