How Andy Grammer's latest hit, "Don't Give Up on Me," is helping people who are "having a really tough time"

Joseph Llanes

Joseph Llanes

Andy Grammer's latest hit, "Don't Give Up On Me," from the movie Five Feet Apart, is really connecting with fans. The movie's a tearjerker about a young couple who both have cystic fibrosis, but Andy says the song applies to many different situations.

"The sentiment of 'Don't Give Up on Me' tends to go towards people who are having a really tough time," he tells ABC Radio. "So, it seems like every day I get another video of someone who is going through something kind of intense [who's] lip-syncing or singing the song, or doing a cover."

But, Andy notes, "You don't have to have a life-threatening disease to need a nudge to not give up on yourself or others."

Five Feet Apart was directed by Andy's longtime pal, Justin Baldoni, who sent it to him and asked him to contribute a song.

"I watched it in my hotel room, and I ugly cried," he recalled. "And I had, that week, written this song 'Don't Give Up on Me,' so it was fresh in my brain. I was like, 'Oh man, this'd be perfect!'"

Andy says the feel of "Don't Give Up" reflects the direction of his next album, due out this summer.

"It's like even more organic...grounded in an acoustic guitar line, or an old piano, or something to that effect," he says.

The new album will also feature a special guest: The voice of Andy's 21-month-old daughter, Louie, will appear on a song that's inspired both by her and by Andy's late mom.

"It's called "She'd Say," which is what my mom would have said to her, if she were here," Andy explains. "It's just really, really sweet. I'm just the most excited I could be about this. I think it's really good."

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