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How Did This Picture Not BLOW UP The Internet With All It’s HOTNESS!?!?

Happy Belated Birthday Jason and thank you Lenny for posting this!


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While most ex-husbands wouldn’t be cool with their ex’s new man, Lenny Kravitz once again proves he’s one of the chillest men out there, wishing a happy birthday to his ex Lisa Bonet’s husband, actor Jason Momoa. Kravitz posted an Instagram pic Saturday of himself and Momoa together, wishing the Aquaman actor a happy 41st birthday while adding “One family.  One love.” After a fan commented that Kravitz’ blended family probably wasn’t/isn’t always easy, Kravitz replied “Easy and beautiful from the first moment!  Blessed!” Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet divorced in 1993 and have on daughter together, Zoe. Would you wish your ex’s current partner a “happy birthday”?  If you have a blended family, has it worked smoothly or have you had bumps along the way?