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How Do You Hollow Out Your Pumpkin?!

Pumpkin carving can be a fun way to spend quality time with your family.  But if you just wanna get to the actual carving as fast as possible, this’ll help . . .

There’s a pumpkin hack making the rounds on social media that lets you hollow them out a lot faster.

Normally, you have to cut the top open.  Then you scoop all the seeds and other gunk out with a spoon, or your hands.  A lot of people find that part gross.

But it’s less of a mess and a whole lot faster if you use a POWER DRILL.

You’ll also need a power mixer, or at least an egg beater attachment from one.  Just take one of those . . . put it in a power drill like a drill bit . . . and go to town.

It’ll scrape down the inside of your pumpkin out a lot faster.  And when you turn the pumpkin over, everything should fall right out.