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How Does $58 A Month For Rent Sound? For Your Own ISLAND!?!?!

OK….it’s not THAT island….but you can find a good one to build all that stuff on!

How would you like your own private island for only $700 a year? It’s a reality is you’re willing to travel off the coast of China.

The Chinese government has about 500 islands off the coast of China, bordering North Korea, which is vacant.

The islands are rented out by the Chinese government at different prices depending on if the island has beaches, wildlife, or potential of development. Some islands are being rented out for up to $25 million or as little at $700 per year.

If you’re thinking this is a good deal be ready to have a plan for the island you rent. The government requires the renter to have a purpose in mind and you should know there are added expenses for electricity, water, and development.

Would you consider renting out a private island? What would your plan be for a secluded island?