“How I Met Your Father” Reboot or Sequel?

The highly anticipated “How I Met Your Father” premiere is now streaming on Hulu.
Much like the original “How I Met Your Mother,” “How I Met Your Father” follows Sophie, played on screen by Hilary Duff, and voiced by Kim Cattrall talking to her children in the future. Sophie also has a group of friends that surround her.
It’s made clear this isn’t just a reboot though when the show slips several Easter eggs throughout the first two episodes.
The biggest Easter egg being the use of Ted, Marshall, and Lilly’s apartment from the original, which was actually sold in the HIMYM series finale.
This is the connection that links the series, but classifies the show as its own “stand-alone sequel.”
Hilary Duff who not only stars in the show, but produces it, stressed that HIMYF is not a reboot it’s “just borrowing some familiar elements from the original.”
What other shows deserve a sequel?