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How Long Can You Last In A Car With Your Family On A Road Trip?

A new poll found we can only be in the car with our family for 3 hours and 46 minutes before they drive us NUTS.  If we’re driving with friends it’s a little longer, but there’s still a limit . . . 4 hours and 23 minutes.  The average American hasn’t left their home state in 3-and-a-half years.   Two-thirds of people said they don’t feel the urge to go that far, because they still have so much to see in their own state.   Less than 10% said they’ve been to another state in the past 12 months, for obvious reasons.  But that number might be going up soon, because May was voted as the second-best month for road trips.  June is first. People in the poll said the “perfect” road trip would last 4-and-a-half days . . . take them through 4-different states . . . and hit 5-major landmarks.  And California was voted the best state for road trips overall, followed by Arizona and Alabama.