How Richard Marx Returned to Rock with His New Album

Richard Marx has a long history of composing hit songs in a wide range of genres. Therefore, it makes sense that his most recent album, Songwriter, highlights a variety of songs that range from rock to country to pop to ballads.
Marx said that because he has worked and produced in all genres, he has managed to jump from genre to genre as a songwriter without raising any eyebrows.
He also mentioned how he returned to rock. Marx said that fans missed his rock records and wanted him to make more, which is how he decided on a multi-genre double album.
One of Marx’s songs, “Shame On You,” features the late Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins. In other projects, Marx collaborates with a variety of artists, such as Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Chris Daughtry, and Burt Bacharach.
What do you think of songwriters who work in multiple genres?