Human-Sized Teddy Bears Are A Thing…And They’re Kind Of Creepy!


Plenty of people get lonely.  But it takes a weird kind of lonely to want this . . .

A website called is selling a human-sized teddy bear you use as a body pillow.  But it’s not like those oversized bears you win at carnivals.

It’s got the head of a teddy bear, but the body of a man . . . like something out of a very strange nightmare.

He’s got five fingers on each hand, but thankfully he’s NOT anatomically correct.

He’s 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and billed as an emotional support pillow that, quote, “significantly reduces the feeling of loneliness.”

If you want your own weird teddy bear boyfriend, they cost $160 plus shipping.

The website says he arrives naked with no clothes, so you can dress him up however you want.  He fits into large and extra-large men’s clothing.

(Boing Boing)

(Here’s a photo, and here he is in action.)