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I Did NOT Do This To Celebrate World Bee Day.

Yesterday was World Bee Day, and ANGELINA JOLIE decided to raise awareness by having herself covered in bees. (Check out a behind-the-scenes clip.) She didn’t go all the way, like some of those crazy people on the Internet.  There probably weren’t even enough of them for a decent bee beard.  But there were more bees on her than most of us could ever tolerate at one time. In order to get the shot, Angelina had to sit still for 18 minutes.  She also couldn’t shower for three days before the shoot, and had to rub pheromones on herself. They also put stuff in her nose and ears so the bees didn’t have, quote, “as many holes to climb in.” One bee almost DID find an entrance to climb into.  A very inconvenient entrance.  Angelina says, quote, “I did have one that got under my dress the entire time.  It was like one of those old comedies. “I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, ‘Oh, this is the worst place to get stung.  It’s getting really close.'”  Luckily, the bee remained a gentleman. (Too Fab)  


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