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“I Rise”: Curtain falls on Madonna, but she keeps on singing

Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment

Add another mishap to Madonna‘s trouble-plagued Madame X tour. She claims the Palladium — the venue where she’s been performing in London — brought the curtain down on her Wednesday night as she was starting her final song.

On Instagram, Madonna wrote, “It was 5 minutes past our 11:00 curfew — we had one more song to do and The Palladium decided to censor us by pulling down the metal fire curtain that weighs 9 tons. Fortunately they stopped it half way and no one was hurt.”

She adds, “Many Thanks to the entire Audience who did not move and never left us. Power to The People!!”

Madonna also posted a video documenting the scene. As the curtain comes down, you can hear her yelling obscenities and declaring, “Artists are here to disturb the peace!” 

As the entire audience starts chanting “Madonna,” she and her dancers come out from behind the curtain and continue singing and dancing to her song “I Rise” — even after the venue seemingly cuts off the power to their microphones.

Madonna’s shows at the Palladium are scheduled to run through the 15th of this month. She then moves on to a mini-residency at the Grand Rex in Paris, France.

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