If You Were A Bug, What Kind Would You Be?

Buzzfeed has a list of celebrities who have an entire SPECIES named after them, including Shakira’s hip-shaking parasite . . . Beyoncé’s horse fly with a golden butt . . . and the flatworm with a manhood shaped like Daft Punk’s helmets.  You MUST see #24….poor Madonna! What did they name that thing after her?!

They’re all kind of gross….I think I’d want a dolphin or butterfly named after me!

1.  There’s a parasite named after Shakira that makes its host . . . usually a caterpillar . . . shake its hips vigorously.  It’s called ‘Aleiodes shakirae.’

2.  There’s a “bootylicious” horse fly named after Beyoncé.  It’s called ‘Scaptia beyonceae,’ and it’s all black with the exception of its gold-colored butt.

3.  The ‘Metallichneumon neurospastarchus’ parasitic wasp was named as an homage to Metallica and their album “Master of Puppets“.

‘Neurospastarcus’ is Greek for “ruler of the puppets” . . . and it’s a reference to how the wasp’s hosts become lifeless and brain-dead.

4.  There’s a species of beetle that’s leg muscles are so big, it was named after Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It’s called ‘Agra schwarzeneggeri.’

5.  Daft Punk has a flatworm named after them, because its junk resembles Daft Punk’s helmets.  Seriously.  It’s called ‘Baicalellia daftpunka.’