INXS Reunite For New Book

INXS fans are buzzing after an unexpected treat.
The band got together for the first time in six years in Sydney to mark the release of their new book, “Calling All Nations.”
The group appeared together at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel earlier this month to celebrate their 400-plus “love letter” to the group.
Keyboardist Andrew Farris said he felt it might be interesting to play with INXS if they find the right lead singer for the gig.
He explained,’There must be someone that we haven’t even thought of or discovered or found. That could be an amazing thing to happen.’
After Michael Hutchence died in 1997, INXS kept touring with different singers but called it quits in 2012.
The last time they were together was in 2017, to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Who should sing for INXS?