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Is It E.T? Kylo Ren?! Major Tom? A Radio Signal Has Been Detected In Space!

A repeating fast radio burst, first detected in 2016, has been traced back to a dwarf galaxy only 500 million light years away.  The galaxy has a high rate of star formation and gives off a consistent, pulsating radio source, leading scientists to think it may be a nebula.

Fast radio bursts, or FRBS, are bursts of radio energy that last only a few-thousandths of a second but produces the same amount of energy as our sun does in 100 years.

This recent discovery of the constantly pulsating burst is unlike any other random bursts ever detected.  Live Science says scientists will try to determine what these bursts of radio energy are trying to communicate.

Do you think that the burst in a nearby galaxy is trying to tell our galaxy something?  Do you think science will ever be able to harness an FRB’s energy to power our world?