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Is The Mona Lisa For Sale To Help France’s Economy?

A tech CEO has suggested that France sell the Mona Lisa in order to make a financial recovery from the Coronavirus.

Stephane Distinguin, the founder of tech company Fabernovel, made the suggestion that the Mona Lisa could be sold for 44 billion.

Distinguin described her logic behind selling the work of art saying, “As an entrepreneur and a taxpayer, I know that these billions are not invented and that they will necessarily cost us. An obvious reflex is to sell off a valuable asset at the highest price possible, but one that is the least critical as possible to our future.”

Distinguin also suggested that the painting could be sold to many nations and be “tokenized,” like cryptocurrency and “sold” to other countries as a tourist attraction.

What do you think of the idea of selling the Mona Lisa and putting it on tour to regain revenue for France?