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It’s Finally Here!

It’s FINALLY here!    The Friends long awaited reunion is starts streaming today on HBO MAX.   Here’s some “Friends” Facts for you to use to impress your friends:

What band did the REAL theme? The Rembrandts.
“Friends” ran for how many seasons? 10. September 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004. 236 episodes.
Out of the 10 seasons, how many were in the Top 10 of the ratings? All ten. Season 1 was the lowest, #8 for the year.)
What major change did “Friends” go through in 2012, making it different from how it was originally seen in the ’90s? In 2012, all episodes were digitally remastered from the 35mm film, making them compatible to fit into widescreen televisions.
What “Friends” hairstyle became popular worldwide? “The Rachel”
Who got the only spin-off series after “Friends” concluded in 2004, even getting the same time slot? Matt LeBlanc in “Joey”. It only lasted two seasons.