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It’s The Season Of The Peep

— 5.5 million Peeps are produced each day, and more than 1.5 BILLION Peeps are devoured each Easter.

–In a new survey, a whopping 81% of people say Peeps remind them of Easter.

–64% of Americans say they prefer the CHICK Peeps to the BUNNIES.

–88% enjoy Peeps more when they’re fresh out of the package . . . rather than opening them and letting them get a little stale first

In another poll, 16% of people admit that they HATE Peeps, which actually seems low since they’re so divisive. It’s just a touch above the 15% of people who say they hate jellybeans.

–The most popular way to eat Peeps on Easter is by DECAPITATING them. A previous survey found 65% of people say they eat Peeps by biting the head off first. 13% eat the tail first, and 16% take small bites all over the body.

–Half of us will only indulge in one or two Peeps on Easter . . . but 8% will eat between six and 10.

–Yellow chicks are the original, and still the favorite. Yellow bunnies are the second most popular color and shape combination. Pink is the second best-selling color.

–Overall, there are 24 flavors of Peeps available this year