It’s Trending With Tracy 6/14/19 On CBS12!

We started the week out with a weird fight on the horizon – Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight in the Octogon..MMA style!

Now he tells us, nah, that was just a random tweet. He told TMZ that Tom was on his mind, so he just tweeted that for fun. He had seen an interview with him, he was on his mind and then tweeted.

Justin also added that he’s too skinny right now and Tom has that Dad strength.
Madonna’s Madame X tour kicking off this fall, coming to Miami in December. And we are hearing about some DIVA demands she has for her…..own private plane.
She requires:  A cryogenic chamber for when she is done performing, she has 2 facialists on board, a seat specifically for her Torah who she has named Rebekah, an upright piano, and people can only address her a “M”.
I am just thrilled that my son is 19 and in college and we didn’t get sucked into the Baby Shark craze!!!  But for those of you that have been bitten by the shark….it’s going on tour!  Baby Shark LIVE coming to a city near you!
The song on Youtube has 3 billion views, so it’s only logical it goes on the road!  Not sure if it’s going to be a live shark show, or animated movie or musical….what they are saying is a “fully immersive concert experience”
The schedule will be announced July 9, and concerts are scheduled to begin in October.  Lucky us.