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Jason Momoa Wants To Help Detriot!

Aquaman star Jason Momoa wants to help Detroit. Check it out here!

Momoa recently posted a video tour he took of Detroit on his Instagram page that showed him learning about all the connectivity issues the city has in relation to other parts of the country.

“I didn’t know this but Detroit is the least connected major city in the U.S.,” Momoa said in the video. “About 30% of households have no access to the internet. That’s a third of the city that can’t search for jobs online, kids who can’t do online school work, and families who can’t access public health information.”

With help from Rocket Mortgage, Momoa has pledged to strengthen the digital divide in Detroit to make sure the city has access and is technologically up to date with the rest of the country.

Have you ever realized how far behind some cities are when it comes to technology?