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Jason Mraz is totally down to sing a Christmas song at benefit concert tonight

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ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC/Eric McCandlessToday is January 23, and we can all pretty much agree that Christmas is over.  But Jason Mraz says he’s ready to bust out a Christmas song tonight at an all-star acoustic benefit concert he’s doing in L.A.

Homeward Bound will raise money for L.A.’s homeless, with proceeds going to PATH, a charity working to help get families off the street.  The eclectic lineup features Jason, American Idol champs Phil Phillips and Maddie Poppe, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, members of The Doors and Nirvana and Ingrid Michaelson.

Last month, Jason and Ingrid scored a hit with a duet called “Christmas Valentine,” so he tells ABC Audio that tonight, “I totally would [sing it]!” 

While Jason plans on asking Ingrid if she wants to join him on that tune, he’s also psyched about performing with another act.

“I know everyone’s thrilled to perform with The Doors,” he says. “Even if we were just jamming backstage — but I think there’ll be some opportunity onstage. It is such a unique lineup of artists that may not end up on the same festival or the same bill, so for us, it’s a treat.”

As for the cause, Jason says, “There’s homeless…probably in every city in California….and we don’t have a health care and a welfare system that takes care of those with mental illness or addiction, or those that, for whatever reason, were laid off and kicked out of their houses.”

“Musicians are always looking for something good to do,” he explains. “And…we might be on the road and have a limited time to volunteer, so doing a concert is such a great way for musicians to volunteer — and for fans to volunteer their time and attention.”

“So it just feels good…It’s the right thing to do.”

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