Sunny Remembers

Jem & The Holograms (1985-1988)

These truly, truly, truly outrageous adventures of a music company owner who uses a holographic computer to live a secret life as a rock star originally aired from 1985-88, but are fondly remembered by those who grew up during the series’ initial run (or still have the Hasbro dolls and accessories tucked away in their closets). Jerrica Benton runs Starlight Music, but she’s also the pink-haired lead singer of Jem and the Holograms, a pop-music girl group with really big hairdos and funky fashions that only the 1980s could dream up. Over the course of 65 episodes, these rockin’ ladies belt out musical numbers and battle the schemes of nasty industry executive Eric Raymond and a rival female band, the Misfits.
First episode date: October 6, 1985
Final episode date: May 2, 1988