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Jennifer Coolidge Wins Outstanding Actress For “White Lotus”!

Jennifer Coolidge took home the SAG award for Outstanding Actress in a drama series and became very emotional about her career in her acceptance speech.

Coolidge said, “It’s been a very special year and, you know, overwhelming.”

She continued, “And White Lotus and Mike White writing me this great part that went on for two seasons, and just HBO giving me the thumbs up to let me do it.”

She added, “You can give money to friends and do nice things for them, and people love money, and I do — whenever I can. When your friends are broke, you can give money and stuff, but the best gift you can give someone is to change someone’s perspective for the better and view life in a different way, and that’s what Mike White did for me.”

What do you think is going to happen next season!?