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Jeremy Renner’s Accident Was Worse Than We All Thought

Diane Sawyer’s interview with Jeremy Renner about his life-threatening snowcat accident aired last night.  They began the show with the dramatic 911 call from a neighbor who was contacted by Renner’s nephew, Alex.  You can hear Jeremy groaning in the background.  (Alex saw the horror unfold.  He ran to get the neighbor.  They didn’t know each other.)   Of Note:  Jeremy’s own 14,000 pound snowcat ran over him on New Year’s Day, 2023 near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  He had leaned out of the door, failing to set the parking brake.  The name of the show is “Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview — A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph”.

Jeremy Renner can vividly remember what led to him being run over by the snowcat.  His nephew Alex had taken the chain off the truck behind the snowcat.  Renner wondered if he was done.

Renner was saved by his fast-acting nephew Alex, who ran to a neighbor’s house.  The couple that lives there, Rich Kovach and Barb Fletcher, ran to help and were shocked at what they saw.  Barb thought at one point Jeremy died as she applied dry towels to his wounds.  (Rich made the 911 call.  It was 21 minutes on a snowy road until paramedics arrived.)

After several surgeries, including metal coils on his ribs, a titanium rod in his leg, and months of rehab,  Jeremy has gone from wheelchair, to walker, to cane.  He did a Facetime call with the couple that helped save him.  Here is Jeremy’s thanks to them, Barb and Rich.

One of Jeremy Renner’s passions is to help restore old, large vehicles for new use.  When he was discharged from the Reno hospital, he was actually taken home in one of his restored ambulances.  It says “Donated by Camp Renner” on the side.  He has a new show coming to Disney+ called “Rennervations” that will show him and a team doing makeovers on various vehicles.  One show will feature an old bus turned into a fresh water truck for a community in India.  Another will be a mobile recording studio in Chicago.