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Jesse Colin Young says new "Get Together" with Steve Miller features musicians "embracing the power of love"

Courtesy of SongAid

Jesse Colin Young recently teamed up with Steve Miller to record a new version of the classic peace anthem “Get Together” — Jesse’s old group The Youngbloods‘ signature song — which has been released as part of the WhyHunger charity’s SongAid campaign.

The track is available now via streaming services, with proceeds benefiting WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund, which provides economic relief and food to people affected most by hunger and poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young tells ABC Audio that he initially decided to remake “Get Together” because he wanted to record a version with his young, Berklee College of Music-trained touring band, which includes his son Tristan.

After doing the initial sessions, Jesse says the idea dawned on him to ask his old friend Miller to guest on the track, and then to donate it to a charity.

Miller ended up contributing backing vocals and a guitar solo to the song. To complete the track, Young had a talented violinist named Andrew Yang add a part.

Jesse says of the recording, “That whole track is seven young people in their 20s embracing the power of love, along with two guys who met in San Francisco in 1967…and have been making music ever since, who believe in the power of love.”

As for choosing to donate the song to WhyHunger, Young explains, “[T]hey have such a great reputation. Here we find an organization that works with hunger, not only in United States but around the world. It was started 40 years ago by a musician [the late Harry Chapin]. So…we talked to the folks at WhyHunger, and they were very enthused about it. So was Steve.”

Besides streaming the tune, you also can check out a video for the new “Get Together” at the SongAid YouTube channel.

By Matt Friedlander
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