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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake show off their dog doppelgängers

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty ImagesWith stay at home orders entering another week, people are trying to find fun new ways to keep themselves entertained.  For Jessica Biel, she just unleashed a whole new challenge — find your dog doppelgänger.

The challenge is pretty simple, locate a photo of canine that best represents you and post a side by side comparison.

On Saturday, the Seventh Heaven star cooked up the new challenge while socially distancing at her family’s Montana home by finding the perfect doggy doubles of her and her husband Justin Timberlake.  

I don’t know what day it is anymore, but we just found our dog doppelgängers… and some pretty great hair inspo,” captioned Biel in a photo of her holding up a picture of an Irish Setter and mimicking its blank expression.  “Big day for us.”

She even fashioned her hair to mimics the long and wavy fur on the Irish Setter’s ears.

As for Timberlake, the 39-year-old’s essence was perfectly captured in a pensive photo of a Rottweiler that is staring protectively to the side.  

As for each breed’s respective temperaments, the American Kennel Club says Irish Setters are a more affectionate and playful breed while Rottweilers are more calm, alert and obedient.  

Biel didn’t find a doppelgänger for her and Timberlake’s five-year-old son Silas.

However, the 38-year-old actress may already be moving onto a new challenge, as some fans have already begged her to find hr and Justin’s feline lookalikes.

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