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Jill Zarin From The Real Housewives Of New York And I Kick It On ZOOM!

Jill and Marysol Patton (from the Real Housewives of Miami) really saw the need to help the people of Miami. After seeing a line more than a mile long of people trying to get food, they knew something could be done.

As we know from RHONY, Jill is a connector!  She called her friends at Chef’s Warehouse and said we need to help these people get food!

Chef’s Warehouse drove a truck to Miami and the help began!   They are delivering the finest quality meats, dairy products – even paper & cleaning products – to people’s homes in Miami Beach.  Click here to find out if they deliver to your area.

10% of retails sales from ChefsWarehouse.com will be donated to their front-line furloughed employees and others impacted members of the food service industry.

Jill is also helping nurses all over the country with her Noshes For Nurses campaign!  You can help her continue by donating to here!
Way to go, Jill!  We thank you for all you do!