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John Legend And Kelly Clarkson To Update "Baby, It's Cold Outside"! Check Out Some Of The New Lyrics!

The holiday classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside has become a lightning rod for controversy over the last few years. The song’s lyrics haven’t held up well in modern times. John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are working on updating the song to make it less offensive to some.  Legend revealed in his Vanity Fair interview that Insecure writer and actress Natasha Rothwell helped him change out some of the questionable lyrics. The album A Legendary Christmas is due out soon.  Would you put a modern twist on any other holiday songs?
The new version makes it VERY clear that nothing non-consensual is going to happen.  Here’s a sample:
Kelly:  “What will my friends think?”,
John:  “I think they should rejoice.”
Kelly:  “If I have one more drink?”
John:  “It’s your body and your choice.”
And then there’s . . .
Kelly:  “I really can’t stay.”
John:  “Baby it’s cold outside.”
Kelly:  “I’ve gotta go away.”
John:  “I can call you a ride.”
Kelly:  “This evening has been. . .”
John:  “So glad that you dropped in.”
Kelly:  “So very nice.”
John:  “Time spent with you is paradise.”
Kelly:  “My mother will start to worry.”
John”  “I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry.”