John Leguizamo’s MSNBC Docuseries ‘Leguizamo Does America’ Renewed For Season 2

Leguizamo Does America has been renewed for a second season, which John Leguizamo is very excited about.
The docuseries follows John Leguizamo as he explores and promotes various Latino communities around America in the style of a travelogue.
With the help of visitors like George Lopez and Robert Rodriguez, he traveled to New York City, Miami, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles during Season 1. Season 2’s locations have not yet been revealed.
He said, “I’m so excited for the opportunity to go deeper into America and keep exploring Latin excellence and go to the source of our happiness! More Latin legends dinners, more eating and laughter!”
Which new cities would you like to see John Leguizamo explore in season 2 of his show?