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John Mayer reveals the best advice Elton John gave him


KMazur/WireImageJohn Mayer appeared via video chat on his pal Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live, Wednesday night.

During their virtual convo, the singer revealed both the best piece of advice he received from a fellow musician and the harshest critique he received from a celebrity.

As for the best advice, John says that came from none other than Elton John — but it wasn’t about music, it was about dating in the public eye.

“Elton John said to me back in 2002 when I was going through my first public relationship snafu, he said, ‘Welcome to the world of bulls***, my darling, you have arrived,'” John recalled.

John then revealed his meanest critique came from a legend in the business.

“Somebody, a legend, said to me one time, ‘You know, you don’t have to try to be so funny all the time,’” he said. “And then he tried really hard to be funny on the thing we were on.”

Andy Cohen has been filming Watch What Happens Live from his New York City apartment after testing positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. He’s now doing much better.

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