Josh Groban says he's been "dreaming" of a Radio City Music Hall residency "for a really long time"

Andrew Eccles

Andrew EcclesFor his next trick, Josh Groban has announced a residency at New York's legendary Radio City Music Hall starting on Valentine's Day 2020.  More than just a series of concerts, Josh's vision is more of a live variety show, with music, interviews, audience participation and more.  Initially offered a regular singing residency, Josh says he wanted more. 

He tells ABC Audio that with each show, he wants to be able to "craft something...that incorporates all of those things that I love to do, with tons of guests and great songs and great times with the audience, in a very New York-centric-style show, in a place that I love, in a city that I love."

"This is a challenge that I've been dreaming of having for a really long time," Josh adds.

As for why he isn't content to simply sing, Josh he explains that he loves interesting conversation, and the idea that "you can fill the show with people that mean something to you, the people that inspire you....people that you just think are absolutely awesome."

But don't worry: There will still be plenty of music.

"I'll do many, many minutes of singing myself," he explains. "It's going to be a concert first and foremost."

Schedule-wise, Josh will appear at Radio City every few months, in between working on a new album and doing concerts "here and there."

"I have the chance to use that [Radio City] to...try out new material, to sing new songs while I'm recording them, to give each audience that's there...sneak peeks of things I might be doing," he says.  "It's a non-televised, 'an only experience each time you're there' kind of show." 

Tickets go on sale this Friday via Ticketmaster.  Visit for more information.

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