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Katy Perry jokes about hiding her pregnancy: “These are not cookies in my belly”

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Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Ryan Pierse/Getty ImagesLast week, Katy Perry surprised the world by revealing that she’s expecting her first child.  While visiting the Australian TV show The Project this week, she joked about how she managed to keep the happy news a secret for so long.

Katy refused to confirm reports that she’s six months along, but admitted to the show’s hosts, “I’m definitely in it; there’s no hiding it and no passing it off as, like, you know, just a breakfast burrito anymore!”

“I’ve always been a very curvy girl and I love to eat, so there had been rumors in the past that people had thought that I was pregnant just ’cause I am curvy and proud of it.  And now, they’re right!” Katy added. “They’re more than right.  These are not cookies in my belly!”

Asked if she plans to give up touring for a while after the baby arrives, Katy says she’d prefer to be a real working mom.

“Y’know, I never really wanted to have to choose between doing what I love and being a mom,” she explained. “I feel like I’m a great multi-tasker and I can juggle, and it makes me really happy to contribute with music so that’s what I’m gonna be doing up until, y’know…I can’t!”

During her appearance, Katy also gave her new single, “Never Worn White,” its live TV debut.  Explaining that it really sums up her feelings about tying the knot with fiancé Orlando Bloom, Katy said, “I thought that this song would be a really good first start for this next time in my life, to set the tone and to really talk about the vulnerability of commitment, and sometimes how amazing it is, but also how terrifying it can be.”

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