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Katy Perry pays loving tribute to her grandmother, who died this weekend at age 99

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Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesIf you’re a Katy Perry fan, you’re probably aware of her grandmother, Ann Hudson.   Ann died over the weekend at the age of 99, and the singer has paid tribute to her with a lengthy Instagram post.

In the post, the pregnant singer wonders whether or not the soul of her unborn child may have encountered her grandmother in heaven.

She writes, “I don’t know when a soul enters a new vehicle but if there is an afterlife where there’s a waiting room of the coming and going, my mind wonders if the soul that is waiting to come into my world is getting a kiss on the forehead from my sweet Grandma that departed this earth yesterday. My heart hopes so.”

After joking that her grandmother “probably had a glass of her favorite blush wine ready upon arrival to this afterlife,” she adds, “A lot of what I am is because of my father…and he is because of her. She started it all, as she used to remind us and I’m so grateful she did.”

Katy goes on to reminisce about Ann’s life, noting that she “raised 3 kids on her own as a seamstress, making G-strings for showgirls and other characters in Vegas.” 

“She was a wonderful grandma and I will forever carry some of her in me,” adds Katy, giving Ann credit for her own “wit, authenticity, stubbornness, fighter spirit and style.”

She ends the sweet tribute by writing, “May she rest in deep peace and kiss the forehead of the soul to come and let them know everything is gonna be OK, especially now that they have gained an angel to look over them.”

Most touching of all, the post includes a video of Katy at Ann’s bedside, telling her she’s pregnant.

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Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.